Shlomo Lipman starred on stages across Israel from a young age, and the world as part of the children's choir 'Shira Chadasha', and now he has released a colorful and happy debut single - "Here with you" which he wrote and composed, with the innovative production entrusted to music producer Shai Barak.

But Shlomo is not only a singer - he has played baseball with some of the world's best teams, and never forgets to wear his tzitzit (ritual fringes) outside his uniform when he goes to play. "When there is a big game abroad," Shlomo explains, "it is important for me to represent the work of God and sanctify Him in public."

The new song talks about the fear and concern known to all of us and the desire to know there is someone who goes with us and takes care of it all right despite the difficulties and challenges that way. The most exciting part in the song where Solomon turns to God, during which Shlomo chose to sing in English. "I find it easier to talk directly with God in English," he explains, "because English is my native language."

"At the age of five, I composed my first poem, and over the years I've created over 40 songs, but until today I never had a song that I felt really described me. This song, quite suddenly felt like precisely that," says Shlomo about how the song was created.

"It happened in the middle of dinner with my wife, I started humming something in my head and that night almost finished writing the song - everything just seemed so true and clear."

"I think Jewish music does not have to consist only of verses from the Bible or Psalms, as my great grandfather says God is looking for "new poetry" so I hope to bring color, emotion and joy to Jewish music and make music that manages to touch hearts."