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United Arab List (Ra'am) leader MK Mansour Abbas refuses to call the 15-year-old young woman who stabbed a Jewish man in Haifa a "terrorist," claiming that, "She's fifteen, she doesn't understand anything yet. Of course, that's no excuse."

Regarding the clashes on the Temple Mount, Abbas said, "The images from the Al-Aqsa Mosque were extremely disturbing. It does not matter now how it started and how it ended - this spectacle will make anyone feel strongly somehow. We continue to work to allow everyone to come and pray there in peace."

The Magistrate's Court in Haifa on Saturday evening extended the terrorist's detention. The suspect's father said as he left the hearing that he condemned what his daughter did and that he tried to prevent her from doing what she did, after watching broadcasts from the Temple Mount.

The girl admitted during her interrogation that she had been influenced by social media messages regarding the events on the Temple Mount. Two more knives were found in her bag.

"I was walking in the garden and felt a strong blow to the head," said Alexei, the victim. "I fell to the ground and saw a figure in front of me waving a knife. She wore a keffiyeh with an Arabic caption and shouted in Arabic. Her whole face was covered."

"I immediately realized that this was a terrorist attack. I was very scared. I was lying on my back on the ground and I tried to fend her off with my legs and she stabbed me in the leg as well. Two Arab guys came and spoke to her in Arabic and I understand they told her to stop, but she kept attacking and shouting and then the police came and arrested her, then her father also came and cried and shouted at her and they took me to the hospital."