Victims of Be'er Sheva terrorist attack
Victims of Be'er Sheva terrorist attack TPS, courtesy of the families

The man killed Tuesday afternoon in a Be'er Sheva ramming-stabbing attack has been named as one of the Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries in Be'er Sheva.

In the attack, terrorist Mohammad Jalab Abu al-Quian rammed into Rabbi Kravitzky, who was riding his bicycle, before stabbing several female passersby.

Rabbi Moshe Kravitzky ran the synagogue in Be'er Sheva's Nahal Beka neighborhood, in addition to managing the neighborhood's Colel Chabad soup kitchen, which feeds many elderly and poor people every day.

Be'er Sheva's chief Chabad-Lubavitch emissary, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Garelik, who worked with Rabbi Kravitzky, mourned, "He was very dedicated to his mission. Together with his family members, may they live long and good years, he put everything he could into the community in the Nahal Beka neighborhood. He took care of them, physically and spiritually."

"All of the residents remember his wide smile and great giving. We are in shock and very pained at this bitter news."

Rabbi Shalom Duchman, Director of Colel Chabad, responded to the murder by saying, "Rav Moshe Kravitzki was the gentlest of souls whose entire life was about caring for others."

"Each and every day he would manage Colel Chabad's local food distribution service for the needy in Be'er Sheva, distributing thousands of meals over the years, going above and beyond to serve the hardest-hit in his community during COVID.

"This horrific loss of life has robbed the people of Israel of one of its kindest and most compassionate souls and our prayer is that the memory of the tremendous work that Rav Moshe did in his life will offer some comfort to his family and the entire community."

Earlier on Tuesday evening, one of the women killed was named as Dorit Yakhbas, 49, of Moshav Gilat.