Scene of the terror attack
Scene of the terror attackT.P.S.

Mohammad Jalab Abu al-Quian, a 34-year-old Bedouin Arab from Hura, has been identified as the terrorist who carried out the ramming-stabbing attack in Be'er Sheva that left four dead and two others injured.

Abu al-Quian was released from prison one-and-a-half years ago after he was convicted of supporting ISIS and planning to join the terror organization in Syria.

He worked as a teacher in the Hura high school. In June 2015, Abu al-Quian was arrested and admitted to supporting ISIS. In addition, he admitted to planning to leave for Syria in July 2015, to join ISIS under the guise of leaving for a religious holiday in Saudi Arabia. In June 2015, he was indicted and convicted, and sent to four years in prison.

In 2016, as part of a plea bargain, he admitted to a list of security offenses, including creating an ISIS terror cell. He was then sentenced to four years in prison and 12 months of conditional imprisonment.

In the ruling, judge Yoel Eden wrote, "The punishment should be on the lighter side," since "the accused has taken full responsibility for his actions, admitted to the amended indictment, expressed regret for his actions, and said that he knows he was wrong and will not do it again."