L-R: Arnon Bar-David, Arthur Haimov, and Haimov's wife
L-R: Arnon Bar-David, Arthur Haimov, and Haimov's wifeHistadrut spokesperson's department

Arthur Haimov, the Egged bus driver who neutralized terrorist Mohammad Jalab Abu al-Quian in Be'er Sheva earlier this week, received a certificate of appreciation from Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David and Transportation Workers Union Chairman Avi Edri.

Al-Quian killed four people and injured two others before he was neutralized by Haimov.

At the moving event, Haimov recounted the fateful seconds during which he advanced towards the terrorist, and told of the moment he decided to pull the trigger and kill him.

"Immediately after I identified the terrorist, I told myself that I would take control of the incident and try to end it," Haimov said. "I exited the vehicle and advanced towards the terrorist, while asking him to put down the knife."

"When I understood that he had no intention of putting down the knife, and my life was in danger, I fired at him."

Bar-David said, "You are an amazing example of a public servant who first of all thought about everyone, and about the environment. You acted with bravery and courage and worked to end the incident quickly."

"You are the beautiful face of public transportation drivers in general and Egged drivers in particular, all around the country. I salute you! You and your friends the drivers are serving and transporting millions of Israeli citizens every day, with dedication and security. We will continue to act to improve the status of the public transportation driver."

Edri said, "For me and for my friends in the Union, you are a symbol of a public servant who acted with courage. The humility and modesty which you are showing are the beautiful face of Egged drivers and public transportation drivers in Israel."

Also participating in the event were the chairman of the Egged Bus Drivers Committee, the Committee's representative in southern Israel, and the manager of the Egged branch in the Negev.