Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Rabbi Chaim KanievskyVaad HaRabbanim

In light of the bloody war in Ukraine in which many Jews are involved, the leader of the Lithuanian public, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, was asked how to strengthen spiritual faith despite the hardships of the world.

Rabbi Kanievsky replied: "Pray and study constantly."

Rabbi Kanievsky quoted the words of the Gemara: "What must one do to be saved from the 'birth pangs of the Messiah'? One must engage in Torah study and acts of charity." He further quoted the Midrash in saying 'If one sees kingdoms at war with one another, one should expect the Messiah to arrive soon."

The Chief Rabbi of Kyiv, Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, said earlier this week that the Ukrainian president called him and asked that the Jewish people pray for his success.

"President Zelenskyy called me a few hours ago, from the middle of the war, and asked the entire Jewish people to pray for the soldiers of Ukraine: 'The Russians have more soldiers than us, but our soldiers have more determination than the Russians. We need your prayers for us to succeed,'" the Ukrainian president said. ".