Police officers in the Negev
Police officers in the NegevFlash90

The Regavim Movement on Wednesday called upon the Israeli government to evacuate the new "Maaleh Paula" settlement in southern Israel.

In a statement, Regavim urged the government to "act quickly and resolutely to evacuate 'Maaleh Paula,' the outpost established in the Negev last night, along with all of the other illegal clusters in the Negev, where some 3,500 new structures are added each year."

Meir Deutsch, Director General of Regavim, added: "Today, as we do every day, we remind you that the only thing worse than no enforcement is selective enforcement."

According to Israel Hayom, the new outpost is located near the Bedouin Arab city of Rahat, on State-owned land. Israel Police are at the site, preparing to evacuate the settlers, who are residents of the Negev and hesder yeshiva graduates.

Israel Hayom quoted the founders as saying, "Maaleh Paula is a first point in a chain of points of settlement in the Negev, and it is a Zionist response to the lack of governance and sovereignty in the Negev, in the face of the Bedouin settlements' spread and the government's whitewashing of illegal construction in the area."

"This is the realization of Ben Gurion's vision, when he said, 'The people will be tested in the Negev,' and that is why we named this new settlement, 'Maaleh Paula' - in honor of Paula Ben Gurion.

"We will continue to act with Zionism in the face of the post-Zionist spirit which the government is leading."

The police, for their part, said that a complaint had been filed regarding a takeover of land near Rahat.

According to the police, there were "a few dozen people who arrived there and placed a number of temporary structures in an illegal fashion. The police officers gave them a reasonable time to evacuate the area on their own, and after they did not listen to the officers' instructions, the [officers] began to evacuate them from the location."