Bus (illustrative)
Bus (illustrative)iStock

Police officers and traffic accident investigators from the Negev region have tried over the past several hours to locate a bus driver suspected of harming two young girls.

The girls are believed to have fallen, or been pushed, from the bus as it drove near the Bedouin Arab town of Kuseife, near Arad.

A short time ago, the suspect turned himself into the police: He is a 27-year-old resident of Kuseife.

After arriving at the police station in Ar'ara Banegev, he was taken for interrogation.

In a Tuesday night statement, Israel Police said, "As part of the investigation of a suspicion that girls fell from a bus window, the vehicle was located and brought to the scene of the accident."

"The investigation of the incident by a Negev region traffic accident investigator is ongoing."