Bennett at Shabak special operations forward command center
Bennett at Shabak special operations forward command center PMO

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett praised the security forces who carried out the arrest of the terrorists who murdered Yehuda Dimentman Sunday morning.

"I commend the Shabak, the IDF, and the National Counter Terror Unit for quickly closing the circle, by joining forces and cooperating, which led to the capture of the terrorists from the attack in Samaria," Bennett said.

"Every terrorist will know that the State of Israel will being him to justice. It is impossible to hide for an extended period. Every terrorist should know he is on borrowed time. I would like to convey to the family of Yehuda Dimentman - the pain is enormous, but terrorism will not win and will not move us from our place.

Prime Minister Bennett was present at the Shabak special operations forward command center throughout the hours of the operation and received an overview from senior Shabak officials about the intelligence and operational effort that led to the arrest.

Four suspects were detained in the village of Silat al-Harithiya, northwest of Jenin, over their involvement in the murder.

In addition to arrests, security forces confiscated security cameras in Palestinian Arab town in the Jenin and Shechem (Nablus) areas.

The investigation has found that two terrorists ambushed yeshiva students in the bushes and fired from a short distance at the car in which Dimentman and his two friends were riding. Yehuda was pronounced dead at the scene, and his friends were evacuated to hospital.

Footage from the vehicle in which Dimentman traveled with his friends was published Saturday night by Kan 11 News.

The footage, a product of the vehicle's dashcam, shows the flashes of gunfire from the terrorists' weapon.

15 bullet holes were found in the vehicle, which the victims continued driving as they called for medical aid.