Rain (illustrative)
Rain (illustrative)iStock

Members of the Belz hasidic sect's Jewish court have called for the sect's followers to pray for rain - despite the optimistic forecast for the end of the week.

Though rain is expected at the end of this week, the week-and-a-half has seen hot, dry weather more typical of August than of November.

According to the notice, since we are over a month past the 7th of the Jewish month of Heshvan (when Jews in Israel begin to pray for rain - ed.), and there has not yet been rainfall, the community should begin to pray for rain as is customary during a drought.

The notice, which was signed by all members of the Belz Jewish court, read: "Since we are in the middle of the month of Kislev, and our prayers for abundant and positive rainfall have not yet been answered, it is our obligation to sift through and examine our deeds, and to improve our ways, to cry and call out, to pour our discourse before our Father in Heaven, so He may have mercy and pity on us, to grace us with, 'Give us dew and rain for blessing.'"

"It is therefore appropriate that each and every person add in the blessing of 'Who Hears Prayer' in the silent Amida, the 'Answer Us, Creator of the World' prayer, which is added on a fast day," the notice concluded.