Edelstein spokesperson

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein addressed the incident in which Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh approached the Prime Minister and photographed him with a cell phone during a discussion on the camera bill.

"What Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh did yesterday as nothing less than an attack on the Arab public and coexistence," Edelstein said at a pre-election conference of the Israel Democracy Institute and the Yigal Alon Center.

"When you create a provocation, when you watch an incident that has not been seen in the Knesset for years and how he almost created contact with the prime minister, and say: 'look at these people.' It's really an attack," Edelstein added.

"Those who want coexistence should remember that there are two components: to do everything for equality and also to fight the extremists who repeatedly try to hurt coexistence," Edelstein concluded.

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