Moti Yogev
Moti Yogev Moti Yogev's spokesperson

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) on Wednesday night responded to an incident in which a school bus went up in flames in the Samarian town of Eli.

Recently, several dangerous incidents occurred involving old school buses in Judea and Samaria: On some of these buses the brakes failed, others experienced various dangerous technical issues, and still others went up in flames.

Meanwhile, the budget required to repair and replace the fleet of school buses is not reaching the relevant authorities.

Turning to Coalition Chairman David Bitan (Likud) and Prime Minister's Office Director-General Eli Groner, Yogev demanded they immediately transfer the promised 45 million shekels and allow new buses to be bought.

Bitan and Groner were appointed by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to deal with the issue of school transportation in Judea and Samaria.

"This is a serious and imminent danger to life, but it looks like they're waiting for someone to burn to death," Yogev said.

"The bus that burned was over fifteen years old and had driven over a million and a half kilometers.(over 932,000 miles). The reason it was still in service was because the budget for new school buses had been approved but not yet transferred, and because of the Finance Ministry and Finance Committees' policies. Are the Prime Minister's office, the Finance Ministry, and the Finance Committee waiting for a child to burn to death?

"This is the third incident of a bus burning in six months. There are 180 buses which need to be replaced. The plan was approved for three years, and we started receiving the budget for it in previous years.

"The fact that we are not yet receiving the money to replace these buses severely harms the quality of Judea and Samaria residents' lives. There are less buses for public transportation, and children are transported on school buses which are not fit for use because of safety and security issues."