IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers Israel news photo: Flash 90


The IDF granted certificates of appreciation to the forces that found the perpetrators of the Fogel family massacre in Itamar several weeks ago.

Five out of eight members of the Fogel family – parents Rabbi Ehud and Ruth, 11-year-old Yoav, 4-year-old Elad and three-month-old Hadas – were brutally slaughtered in their home in Itamar after a Sabbath night dinner two months ago.

The murderers, young Arabs from a nearby village, were found several weeks later after a large-scale hunt and investigation. They said they had no regrets for slashing the throats of a baby, children and their parents.

“We don’t have many opportunities to express appreciation for our battle operations in this sector,” said Gen. Avi Mizrachi, IDF Commander of the Central Region, at a ceremony in his office. “However, I felt that there was a special importance to doing so in this case after the attack in Itamar.”

“I would rather give out certificates of appreciation for thwarting attacks than for solving them,” Mizrachi added. “But there is no doubt that the mutual achievement of all those who took part in this investigation – army, police, Shabak – is a first-degree professional success.”

Shomron Division Commander Col. Nimrod Aloni praised the special forces Duvdevani Unit soldier as well: “We greatly admire the unit’s devotion to the objective. From the thorough way in which they combed the area, up to their insistence on putting back in order each home that they searched, they served as a clear example of the synthesis between determination and humanity.”

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