Did Iran claim credit for cyber attacks on Israel?

Iranian foreign ministry claims to have retaliated for cyber attacks blamed on Israel after Israel suffers cyber attacks on health system.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Iran cyber attack
Iran cyber attack

Iran appeared to take credit for a series of recent cyber attacks on Israel Monday.

"Several countries and entities have carried out cyber attacks against us, the same countries have suffered painful reactions," the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

Recently, Israel has suffered cyber attacks on health organizations such as Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and Clalit's Mor Institute.

The Knesset's Health Committee on Monday met to discuss the attacks.

During the discussion Health Ministry cybersecurity chief Reuven Eliyahu revealed that the Ministry prevents over 100,000 cyberattacks each month on the healthcare system.

"Information security is a 24/7 issue, it's something akin to a third World War," he said. "If it used to be that to attack a country, you needed a ship and missiles, today all you need is a simple internet site, and you can attack."

"A few years ago, we managed a breach of eight hospitals at once, but the attack was much smaller and it was solved in a single night. If we had several instances such as [what happened in] Hillel Yaffe at the same time, that would be very difficult, but we would make it, in the end."

Today, Iran launched a massive military exercise in the Gulf of Oman, Israel's Channel 12 News reported.

The widescale exercise, which kicked off on Sunday, includes the area from north of the Indian Ocean to parts of the Red Sea, and includes among other things, the use of drones, manned aircraft, special forces, and both defensive and offensive missiles systems. The Israeli flag can be seen on the horizon, in an apparent attempt to send a message to the Zionist state, Channel 12 noted.

The Zolfaqar-1400 drill integrates exercises by Iran's Navy, Air Force, and Revolutionary Guards, and simulates various scenarios such as naval warfare far from the Iranian coast.

Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, spokesman for the annual exercise, said, "The military exercise on the Iranian coast in the Gulf of Oman is intended to present the country's military power and its willingness to take on our enemies."

Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, Coordinating Deputy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army said that the Iranians "will showcase the strength of the Islamic Republic in far-off waters, and warn the enemies that any aggressive action will trigger a crushing response."