'Jews also have human rights'

Hundreds of Tel Aviv residents protest opposite home of Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Hezki Baruch ,

Protesting outside Miriam Naor's home
Protesting outside Miriam Naor's home
Hezki Baruch

Hundreds of Tel Aviv residents protested on Saturday night outside Supreme Court Chief Justice Miriam Naor's home in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood.

The demonstration was held in protest of the Supreme Court's ruling that illegal African infiltrators cannot be forced to leave, and cannot be imprisoned for refusing to leave, even though there agreements with countries ready to absorb them.

Most of the infiltrators arrived in Israel for economic reasons.

Protesters held signs saying, "Protect Israel as a Jewish and democratic state" and "Jews also have human rights."

Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor Dov Kalmanovich also participated in the demonstration, in order to provide moral support for those gathered outside Naor's home.

"We have a lot of anger and complaints about the Supreme Court," Kalmanovich said. "It's time the Supreme Court justices stepped down, and it's time Naor took a look at reality. It's time the Supreme Court understood that the suffering of the Jewish nation is of higher priority than the suffering of infiltrators and Palestinians."

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu toured southern Tel Aviv's neighborhoods, and promised to work to return the infiltrators to Africa.

"We are here on the mission to bring the citizens of Israel back to south Tel Aviv. I listened to all the residents, and what I hear is pain and distress," Netanyahu said. "The residents of south Tel Aviv have become refugees in their own country."