Five Dead in Amtrak Train Derailment in Philly

Five people killed and ver 50 more injured when NYC bound train from Washington DC went off the rails in Port Richmond.

Cynthia Blank ,

Train crash near Philadelphia
Train crash near Philadelphia

At least five people were killed and nearly 60 others injured when an Amtrak passenger train derailed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. 

The New York City bound train, carrying 238 passengers and five crew members, crashed in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section at around 9:30 p.m. local time, having departed from Washington D.C. several hours prior. 

According to passengers, the front of the train was starting to turn when it began to shake, eventually going off the rails. 

Several passengers were trapped inside of the train cars forcing firemen to use hydraulic tools to get them out. A second search is still under way for any other passengers or crew who may remain inside. 

Some 120 firefighters and 200 police officers were on scene in what Philadelphia's mayor, Michael Nutter, described as "disastrous."

“It is an absolute disastrous mess,” Mayor Nutter said during a press conference with Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, shortly before midnight. “We do not know what happened here.”

"The trains, 7 cars including the engine are in various stages of disarray, turned over, upside down, on their side. We are still investigating what's going on," Nutter added. 

Fire department officials said that over 50 people, six of them in critical condition, had been transported to local hospitals. 

Calling it a level three mass casualty incident, Fire Commissioner Sawyer declared, "I've never seen anything so devastating. They are in pretty bad shape. They have completely derailed from the track."

All Amtrak service between the major Pennsylvania city and New York has been canceled for the rest of the night.