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Carmel Fire

News and updates about Carmel Fire

Carmel Fire Report: Yishai Turning to Court

Minister of Interior will ask High Court to rule against Comptroller report blaming him for Carmel blaze.

Carmel Fire Comptroller Report: Yishai Turning to Court

Fighting Fire with… Goats?

Climate Change & Forest Fires conference hears novel ideas for prevention of forest fires.

Fighting Fire with… Goats?

Comptroller Report May Shake Up Netanyahu Gov’t

A Comptroller-Ombudsman’s report urges that two senior ministers resign because of the Carmel fire disaster that killed 44 people in 2010.

Comptroller Report May Shake Up Netanyahu Gov’t

OU ‘Torah Club’ Youth Mark Carmel Fire Disaster

Israeli youth in OU “D’Oraita [Torah] Clubs marked the Carmel fire disaster by learning that putting out fires “is not so simple.”

OU ‘Torah Club’ Youth Mark Carmel Fire Disaster

'Excessive Praise' for Netanyahu at Fire Memorial

Press, politicians take aim at Netanyahu over paean delivered by emcee of Carmel ceremony.

'Excessive Praise' for Netanyahu at Fire Memorial

Make Carmel Fire Ceremony a State Ceremony

Netanyahu asked to recognize the annual memorial for Carmel fire victims as a state ceremony.

Rivlin, Aharonovich: Make Carmel Fire Ceremony a State Ceremony

Some Bereaved Families Boycott Carmel Yahrzeit

Prime Minister and Minister of Interior to take part in ceremony. A memorial monument will be unveiled.

Some Bereaved Families Boycotting Carmel Catastrophe Yahrzeit

Carmel Fire Case Closed Without Charges

Prosecutors have closed the Carmel fire case -- involving 44 deaths -- without filing charges saying there is 'insufficient evidence.'

Carmel Fire Case Closed Without Charges

Teens Who Started Carmel Fire May Not be Charged

Two teens from the Druze village of Isfiya who are suspected of starting last year's Carmel forest fire may not be charged.

Teens Who Started Carmel Fire May Not be Charged

Son Born to Carmel Fire Victim

The widow of a Prison Services officer killed in the Carmel fire has given birth to a son.

Carmel Fire Victim's Widow Gives Birth

New Fire Fighting Planes Arrive

The first squad of new firefighting planes since the Carmel forest fire catastrophe last year arrives Wednesday as the dry summer nears.

Israel Prepares for Summer with New Firefighting Planes

Rare Video Inside Carmel Inferno

Knesset TV exposed a rare video taken from within a bus caught in the deadly Carmel inferno last year ‘Don’t tell me to relax. I am afraid.”

Rare Video from Inside Bus Caught in Carmel Infernoplayer

Ahuva Tomer 'Woman of Courage'

The U.S. has honored police chief Ahuva Tomer, who perished in the Carmel fire, with a “Women of Courage Award” nomination.

Ahuva Tomer gets Posthumous 'Women of Courage' Nominationplayer

Students ‘Plant’ $18,000 for JNF

Thirty eighth-graders returned to the US Sunday after donating to the Jewish National Fund $18,000 they raised following the Carmel fire disaster.

Visiting US 8th Graders ‘Plant’ $18,000 for Carmel Forest

Tender for Aerial Fire-Fighting

Private companies will supply fire fighting planes to the military in the first stage of a stepped up program to fight forest fires.

Private Firms to Help IDF Fight Forest Fires

Israel Even on Yishai Resigning

New poll shows that 47% of Israelis believe that Interior Minister Eli Yishai should resign over the Carmel fire disaster, while 43% do not.

Poll: Israelis Split on Whether Yishai Should Resign

INN TV Visits Yemin Orde

INN TV visits the Yemin Orde youth village amidst rehabilitation efforts from the Carmel wildfire which badly damaged it.

30 Days Later: Visit to Youth Town Damaged by Wildfireplayer

Does Israel Need a Supertanker?

Special evening symposium in memory of one of the Carmel fire victims takes place in Jerusalem.

Amidror: The Supertanker is Not the Solution

Yishai Booted from Ceremony

Minister of Interior escorted out by Chief Rabbi after verbal attack spearheaded by anti-religious bereaved relative of a victim.

Minister Yishai Ejected From Ceremony for Fire Victims

Hope Born Out of Disaster

The third child of widows of the Carmel fire was born Wednesday to Olga Ochana, whose two-year-old girl had earlier said, “Dad has a future.”

Hope Is Born Out of the Ashes of Carmel Disaster

Carmel Begins Its Rebirth

A photo essay shows the first drops of green (and other colors) in the black-and-gray aftermath of the fire.

Thirty Days After: the Carmel Begins Its Rebirth

Cabinet Approves Carmel Plan

Israel’s Cabinet approves a new financial plan to upgrade the infrastructures damaged in the Carmel wildfire.

Cabinet Approves Plan to Rehabilitate Carmel Fire Zone

Girl Born to Deceased Fireman

Ten days after firefighter Danny Hayat died of his wounds from the Carmel fire, his widow Hofit gave birth to a healthy girl.

Daughter Born to Deceased Carmel Firefighter Danny Hayat

JFNA to Give Fire Aid

Jewish Federations of North America continue their efforts to assist the rehabilitation efforts in the Carmel following the great fire.

North American Federations to Give $2.4 Million in Fire Aid

Carmel Fire Inquiry Nixed

NU joins coalition MKs in State Control Committee vote rejecting official inquiry into disaster.

Knesset Votes Against Inquiry into Carmel Fire

Thousands at Fireman's Funeral

Netanyahu announces firefighters' families will receive rights similar to those of fallen IDF soldiers.

Thousands at Funeral of Danny Hayat, Carmel Firefighter

Carmel Firefighter Dies of Wound

The Carmel fire disaster claimed its 44th victim, firefighter Danny Hayat, the third fireman to have succumbed to wounds suffered in the blaze.

Firefighter Is Carmel Disaster’s 44th Victim

Honoring Carmel Fire Heroes

Three fallen Carmel fire heroes will be granted status of IDF war casualties; parents of another will be allowed to move to Israel from Ukraine.

Honoring Carmel Fire Heroes Posthumously

Arab Arson Wave Coverup

Israel's police, fire brigades and press decided to hush up arson offensive, a lone journalist reports.

Coverup of Arab Arson Offensive Exposed

PA Firefighters 'Slighted'

MK Tibi, one of Israel's cleverest detractors, may have pulled another fast one on the Jewish state.

PA Firefighters Slighted - an Ahmed Tibi Production?

Site to Answer Fire Queries

A new government website aims to answer questions about the Carmel fire and the government's response.

Website to Answer Questions after Carmel Fire

Carmel: Ambassadors Plant Trees

The ambassadors of countries that aided Israel with Carmel blaze planted first seedlings of renewal and spoke of solidarity.

Video: Ambassadors Plant First Trees in Burnt Carmel Forestplayer

Will Carmel Forest Renew Itself?

INNTV visits the Carmel forest a week after the wildfire and speaks with JNF officials about its plans to renew the area.

After the Carmel Fire - Will Nature Renew Itself?player

Israel and Turkey Heal Wounds?

Israel and Turkey are working on ways to end the chilliness between the two governments. But obstacles to reaching a full healing still remain.

Israel and Turkey Healing the Wounds?

Gov't Cuts Carmel Red Tape

Actions to rehabilitate and assist citizens who were hurt in the Carmel fire are exempted from tenders.

Cabinet Cuts Carmel Red Tape

PA ‘Disgrace’ to Help Israel

Abbas won headlines for helping Israel to fight the Carmel blaze, but a PA poll reveals most Arabs say it was a” disgrace” to assist Israel.

Arab Poll: PA Help in Carmel Fire was a ‘Disgrace’

Carmel Fire Claims 43rd Victim

Nine days after the Carmel fire broke out, an Israel Prison Service cadet died today of his injuries: Jalal Bisan of the Arab village Kfar Jat.

Carmel Fire Claims 43rd Victim

Fire Damage Estimated at 120 Mil

Property damage from the Carmel fire is estimated at 120 million, fear that approaching storm will cause flooding, erosion. PM to expedite aid.

Fire Damage Estimated at 120 Million; New Fear – Floods

Beit Oren Residents Speak Out

INN TV visits the Carmel region following last week’s devastating fire.

Carmel Fire: Beit Oren Residents Speak Out player

Students Help Beit Oren

Students from Herzliya travel to the north to help rebuild the kindergartens in Beit Oren following the fire.

Carmel Fire: Students Volunteer to Rehabilitate Beit Orenplayer