Danny Hayat
Danny Hayat Courtesy of Hayat family

Danny Hayat was the 44th person to die as a result of burns suffered in the huge Carmel fire. On Tuesday, ten days after he succumbed to his injury, his widow Hofit gave birth to a healthy girl. The Afula hospital announced that mother and girl are both healthy.

Danny Hayat died while tried to save firefighting cadets whose bus was caught in the Carmel fire's flames. The cadets had been taking part in the evacuation of the Damon prison, which held terrorist prisoners. He was very badly wounded and taken to Rambam Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, where he died after two weeks.
His widow Hofit eulogized him at the funeral, which was attended by thousands: "Thank you for the little princess who is in my womb, for the great love I received from you, for the coffee you made for me in the morning. G-d was supposed to save you but he took you as tzaddikim [the righteous - ed.] are taken away. I promise you that I will be strong, just like you expected me to. You are my hero."
Prime Minister Netanyahu also spoke of Danny in the weekly cabinet meeting that followed.
"To our deep sorrow, firefighter Danny Hayat passed away last night after fighting for his life for two weeks," he said. "Danny courageously fought the fire in an heroic attempt to save the Prison Service bus. My wife and I visited him in hospital. We met his wife Hofit, who is due to give birth. We met his parents, Motti and Batsheva, and we discovered a strong, united and brave family. Despite all the prayers and the efforts, Danny passed away. Our hearts – the Government's and the nation's – are with the Hayat family."