Netanyahu in Tirat HaCarmel during the fire
Netanyahu in Tirat HaCarmel during the fire Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Cabinet approved Sunday morning an exemption from tenders for actions necessary to rehabilitate and assist citizens who were hurt in the Carmel fire.  

This action was taken “in order to prevent lengthy bureaucratic processes that are liable to leave those who were hurt in the fire homeless for a prolonged period,” the government stated, and to enable the communities that were hurt to restore normal life as soon as possible.
In place of tenders, a special inter-ministerial committee will discuss payments of up to 4 million shekels that are requested by the ministries dealing with fire damages. Decisions regarding higher costs will be submitted to a “supreme exemptions committee,” which will include representatives of the Prime Minister's Office and the Finance Ministry. The committee will be established according to regulations that allow for exemptions from tenders in special cases. 
"In order to hasten the work and reduce bureaucracy, today we have approved a shortened track for implementing the rehabilitation work,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said. “Today we will cancel the need for tenders as part of the Government's special effort to hasten the rehabilitation work.”
Netanyahu said that he instructed government ministries to join forces and provide “efficient, focused and – above all – quick” assistance.
Finance Ministry experts have estimated the total cost of damages done by the Carmel fire at 120 million shekels. The figure includes damages to property and infrastructure, but does not include damage done to forests and other natural areas.