Aftermath of Carmel fire
Aftermath of Carmel fire Flash 90

In the wake of the Carmel fire, the Interior Ministry has created a website meant to answer questions about the fire and to commemorate the 43 people killed in the disaster. The website can be seen here (in Hebrew).

The site provides up-to-date statements from the Finance Ministry and Interior Ministry regarding the fire and assistance to those affected. The most recent report states that the Interior Ministry will transfer 11.2 million shekels $3.1 million) in immediate aid to the municipalities hit by the fire.

A map shows visitors to the site which areas were affected. Photos show firefighters in action, while another firefighter, Dan Yosefsberg, has written a first-hand account of the Fire and Rescue Services activity fighting the blaze.

Several pages have been dedicated to the memory of the 43 people killed by the fire, among them dozens of students in a Prison Services officers' training course. Each victim's name and picture is posted, together with details such as their date of birth, their place of death and place of burial, and the family they left behind.

“The purpose of the site is to provide easy-to-access, up-to-date information, to respond more efficiently to inquiries... and to ensure transparency of local authorities' activities,” said Amnon Ben-Ami, the temporary ministry director.