30 days after Carmel blaze.
30 days after Carmel blaze. Anonymous.

In Judaism, the seven-day ('shiva') mourning period of a departed person is followed by the 'shloshim,' which ends when thirty days have passed since the death. At this time all immmediate relatives of the departed, except for sons and daughters, stop observing the customs of mourning. 

Thirty days have passed since the tragic Carmel fire, and the families of the 44 dead are only beginning to digest the tragedy that befell them. The burned and wounded are at the start of a long and painful process of rehabilitation.

With the millions of trees that burned down, however, things are simpler. Already, there are signs of green among the gray ashes of the blaze. An anonymous photographer recorded the first signs of rebirth in the devastated forest.

Photographs by: anonymous