Avinatan Or
Avinatan OrCourtesy of the family

Yaron Or, father of Avinatan, who is being held hostage by Hamas, calls on Likud members and the coalition members, “To replace the Prime Minister and hold a quick election process that will get Israel out of the dangerous situation in which it finds itself. It is clear that Netanyahu is not able to lead us anywhere and the results are evident on the ground. He is not bringing any benefit to the country. He has caused heavy damage to Israel during the war and the many months in which the hostages are held by Hamas.”

Or adds that this wasn’t a quick decision that he reached but rather the outcome of a long process, “At the beginning, we believed that it was wrong to start an election process and that the government and the IDF would deal with the situation as they should. At first, things were good. There was heavy military pressure and we had great successes that made Hamas want a truce. That is when they released about 100 hostages. After that, Netanyahu and his government responded to international and other pressures, and since then we have been standing still and not moving anywhere, and my son is still being held hostage."

Or says that he "does not underestimate the international pressures. They are certainly heavy, but the Prime Minister is supposed to stand up to these pressures and muster internal political and military courage to take steps that, despite the pressures, will bring results. Netanyahu is not deciding one way or the other and is just standing still. This is not the way a prime minister is supposed to manage this situation."

Or believes that currently there is no suitable replacement for Netanyahu, but, "We believe that as soon as he is removed from his position, the right person will step up to the plate, even if it takes time."

Regarding Hamas, which will see the ousting of Netanyahu as another success that it can claim for itself, Yaron Or says: "The situation right now is clear. There is a failure in all areas. We need to free ourselves from this adherence to a certain direction and try a new approach. Elections are definitely such a possibility."