IDF forces in northern Israel
IDF forces in northern IsraelFlash 90

The IDF’s Home Front Command has undertaken an operation over the last few weeks to install protective measures for tens of thousands of Israelis in the north who do not otherwise have access to a bomb shelter.

Yediot Ahronot reports that the program is intended to establish shelters for the population living in older buildings, which were not built with a shelter. It will also provide protection for those expected to need significantly longer to reach a shelter once a siren is activated.

As part of the program, several dozen locations suitable for use as shelters were located, mainly underground parking lots. Civilians will remain in these shelters for periods between hours and days depending on the need.

The Defense Ministry has carried out a logistical process including cleaning the protected areas and stalking them with non-perishable food and water. The Home Front command will be responsible for moving civilians to shelters.