Police in Paris, France
Police in Paris, FranceiStock

The Daily Mail reported it was decided in Paris to deport Mahjoub Mahjoubi from France after he called for the destruction of Western society as it is known today.

Mahjoubi was deported only 12 hours after he was arrested and following French President Emmanuel Macron's decision to tighten immigration laws in the country.

Mahjoubi was deported despite the fact that he had been living in France since the 1980s. He raised five children in France. His children hold French citizenship, despite the fact that he himself does not hold citizenship, a matter which could deprive him of his status and have him expelled from the country.

In response to the deportation order Mahjoubi said, "I will fight to return to France. This is the country I have lived in for 40 years." He also claimed that his youngest child is hospitalized with cancer and his family is completely dependent on him.

"My lawyer will initiate legal steps. If the court does not give me the justice I deserve, I will also appeal to the European Court of Human Rights," he added, saying that, "I did not insult the French flag or the Jewish people."

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said that the deportation of Mahjoubi is an example of the new immigration law that makes France even stronger.