Barak Hiram
Barak HiramIDF Spokesperson

The decision to reconsider the appointment of Brigadier General Barak Hiram, the commander of the 99th Division, to the position of commander of the Gaza Division, has aroused great anger within the ranks of the IDF.

According to a report by military commentator Yossi Yehoshua, General Hiram's subordinates from Egoz, the Golani Brigade, and the 99th Division intend to contact Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi on the issue.

One of the officers who fought under him criticized the conduct of the IDF, "The entire high command of the IDF has failed, and who are they blaming? One of the bold commanders who actually jumped into the fire."

"He came from home, gathered soldiers, fought to free Be'eri, risked his life and instead of praising him for striving for contact, they condemn him for a decision on the battlefield under fire?"

The officer wondered, "What message are they conveying?".

Last night, it was reported that the IDF is considering appointing Brigadier General Barak Hiram, the commander of the 99th Division, to an office position instead of the position of commander of the Gaza Division as was decided last June.

Ynet reported that the reconsiderations come after Hiram ordered the shelling of a house in which terrorists were entrenched in Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7th which led to the deaths of 12 hostages the terrorists were holding.

According to the report, the issue was raised in confidential conversations with the top military brass, but a final decision has yet to be made. However, such a move would solve the conundrum that faces the IDF amid strong opposition by Be'eri residents in light of Hiram's fatal order.

The officer, who held several command positions over his years of service and lost an eye during the Second Lebanon War, is considered a highly talented field commander and has not served in too many desk positions that can aid his promotion.

The IDF Spokesman commented on the report: "Brig. Gen. Barak Hiram is a worthy, moral, and appreciated officer who fought bravely during the events of October 7th, and participated in the war in Gaza, while risking his life, for the security of the citizens of Israel. The officer was appointed as Gaza Division commander in June 2023, and as of now, there is no change to the appointment."