Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) on Sunday spoke to Channel 12 News’ US correspondent Yuna Leibzon about his support for Israel.

“For me personally, it's been just incredibly easy to be on the right side. And I believe the right side is with Israel. Some people call that moral clarity. It is my job as a senator to be on the right side on any issue, and especially after October 7, there’s only one clear, right side and that’s with Israel,” said Fetterman.

On the protests against him, Fetterman said, “If you're going to protest and demanding a ceasefire, why aren't you instead demanding that the hostages be brought home? And why aren't you demanding that Hamas surrenders?”

“If you brought home the hostages, and if Hamas surrenders and puts down their guns, all of the death and the trauma and the damage would stop at that very moment, and then we can talk about a ceasefire. But until Hamas is effectively neutralized, I could never support a ceasefire or until every last hostage is brought back home,” he added.

Asked about concerns that President Joe Biden’s support for Israel would have an impact on the general elections, Fetterman replied, “Of course, I'm concerned about the election, but concern doesn't mean that I don't believe that President Biden is going to win. I really do fundamentally believe that he will. He has a very difficult situation, and he’s been able to navigate all of that too, and I absolutely know that the President is an absolute supporter of Israel’s interests. I believe the American people are going to recognize it.”

In November, Fetterman put up posters of the Israelis who were abducted by Hamas to the Gaza Strip in his front office. He vowed that the posters would stay up until every single person is safely returned home.

More recently, anti-Israel protesters showed up outside Fetterman's office, chanting accusations of genocide. He, in turn, responded by waving an Israeli flag from the roof of the building.