Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) has put up posters of the Israelis who were abducted by Hamas to the Gaza Strip in his front office.

“In my front office I have displayed the posters of the innocent Israelis kidnapped by Hamas,” Fetterman wrote on X on Tuesday, alongside a video showing the display.

He vowed, “They will stay up until every single person is safely returned home.”

German newspaper Die Welt announced on Tuesday that it will publish a photograph of a different hostage held by Hamas every day in a special section of the newspaper dedicated to the 240 Israeli hostages.

The decision came, among others, following recordings that were published of German policemen removing pictures of the hostages in Berlin, a move that was sharply criticized by the state.

Last week, the British Sun newspaper featured on its front page the faces of 32 Israeli children who were abducted by Hamas during its October 7 attack against Israel.

“32 innocent children snatched by terrorists. This is why Israel must fight evil of Hamas. Bring them home,” the headline read.

The Sun article publishes the names and photos of all 32 children and features the stories of some of them.