Demolishing terrorists' homes
Demolishing terrorists' homesPolice Spokesman

Today (Tuesday), hundreds of Jerusalem district police officers and Border Police personnel participated in the demolition of the homes of the terrorists who shot and murdered Elimelech Wasserman, Hanna Ifergan and Livia Dikman at the entrance to Jerusalem about a month and a half ago.

The demolition of the terrorists' houses was carried out by order of the Minister of National Security and Commissioner of Police after the attack, in accordance with the order of the commander of the Home Front Command and after the approval of the plans by the commander of the Jerusalem District, Superintendent Doron Turgeman, who accompanied the operation from the start, until the explosion of the buildings.

During the process, drones and a helicopter of the Israel Police Air Unit were used to obtain a situational picture from the air and assist the forces on the ground.

In the morning hours, prior to the demolition of the terrorists' houses through controlled explosions, the NCOs of the Jerusalem District worked together with the Security Forces to prevent civilian casualties, to distribute ear plugs and explain what is going on to the uninvolved residents, as well as to evacuate and close the area in order to complete the demolitions.

During this preliminary activity, the police officers also “evacuated” several canary birds that were in a cage, and moved them to a safe place.

Later on, the forces blew up the apartments in the residential buildings, and demolished their interior space within the existing limits and without causing damage to the rest of the building and the apartments that were not involved.

Minister of National Security, MK Itamar Ben Gvir, said that "the quick and targeted operational activity to demolish the homes of the terrorists who carried out the murderous attack is a clear message to anyone who chooses terrorist activity. Everyone who chooses this path knows the meaning and destruction he imposes on himself and those close to him, by choosing the path of terror. I congratulate the commanders and police officers for their professional and effortful activity in these difficult and complex days."

Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai added, "The demolition of the terrorists’ houses is coming full circle with those terrorist operatives and their supporters, the security forces will exhaust the law against any terrorist, using all the means available to us and permitted by law. The activity of our forces constitutes a complementary pillar to the national efforts of all the security forces in protecting the home front, from those who are trying to attack us in our soft spots, during this complex period."