IDF troops operating in Shechem
IDF troops operating in ShechemIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF soldiers operated in Shechem (Nablus) overnight Sunday and demolished the home of Hamas terrorist Moaz al-Masri, who was part of the squad that murdered Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee in a shooting attack in the Jordan Valley last April.

In October, IDF soldiers operated in the Askar refugee camp in Shechem to demolish the home of another Hamas terrorist who was involved it the attack in which the members of the Dee family were murdered.

According to Palestinian Arab reports, one Palestinian Arab was killed during the IDF operation.

Meanwhile, an unusual incident was reported overnight Sunday, in which 11 vehicles with worshipers entered Shechem in order to reach Joseph's Tomb. According to the reports, the entry was made without coordination with the IDF.

IDF soldiers were rushed to the scene in order to bring the worshipers back to Israeli territory.

Some of the vehicles were hit by gunfire as they left the city, but no injuries were reported. The incident was handed over to the police.