I had the pleasure of hosting Fleur Hassan Nahum, a prominent Israeli politician and media expert, who is indeed known for her roles in Jerusalem's municipal government and her involvement in fostering international relations and economic development.

She is a special envoy for innovation in 2023 where she continues to play a significant role in promoting innovation and collaboration on behalf of Israel. It's always valuable to host individuals with such diverse and influential backgrounds, especially in the context of international relations and business development.

It's commendable to hear about Fleur Hassan Nahum's active involvement in the media to explain Israel's situation and educate the public about what is the real face of Hamas, who are the Palestinians, and the importance of the ongoing situation. Additionally, her hands-on approach in visiting places like Kfar Aza and supporting the south's recovery after the events on October 7th shows a commitment to the well-being of the community.

Encouraging volunteers from around the world to contribute their time to help the people in southern Israel rebuild their farms and fields is a positive initiative. This collaborative effort can indeed play a crucial role in revitalizing the region and showcasing solidarity during challenging times. It's heartening to see individuals like Fleur Hassan Nahum actively engaged in both advocacy and practical support for the affected communities.