Ron Binyamin
Ron BinyaminCourtesy

After 57 days, Ron Binyamin has been declared a hostage, upon receiving evidence that he is in Gaza.

Ron Binyamin (53) is married to Ayala and father of Shai and Gil.

On October 7, Ron left his home in Rehovot to bike near Kibbutz Be’eri.

A few minutes after arriving, the alerts started. He sent his family voice recordings saying there were alarms, that he was in the Gaza envelope and didn’t know what to do, except for one thing - telling his family “I’m coming home.”

Ron did everything to get back home to his family - he got in his car and started driving north on Highway 232. Near Kibbutz Mefalsim, he was intercepted and kidnapped by terrorists.

Ron is an amazing father, warm, caring, and loving.

For 56 days he was listed as missing, and on Saturday his family received the news that Ron is being held captive in Gaza.

His daughters and wife await him at home, worried, only wanting to hug and hold him tight.