Greta Thunberg
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We, the Israeli Forum of Women in the Environment, are deeply hurt, shocked and disappointed with your tweets and posts regarding Gaza, which are appallingly one-sided, ill-informed, superficial and are in complete contrast to your ability to deep dive into details and get to the bottom of complex issues - at best.

But to be more accurate, by expressing them you take sides with terrorists, with the worst and darkest representatives of humans, and plainly - with the wrong side of history.

Do you think Hamas represents human rights and freedom? Think again!

On Saturday, October 7th a brutal massacre took place in Israel. So far, we have counted 1,400 bodies of babies, children, women and men. All brutally murdered, shot, burned alive, molested before their deaths, mutilated after them, raided by terrorists in their homes, in a music festival and randomly on the streets.

Hundreds of people were kidnapped to Gaza, ages ranging from 9 months to 90 years old, including babies and people with severe illnesses (like cancer, heart failure, Parkinsons) without their medication, and people with special needs such as autism and dementia, and many more are still missing.

Among the victims were a group of elderly Israelis waiting for a bus to take them on a tour, Israeli Arabs, agriculture workers from Thailand, caretakers from the Philippines who look after elderly men and women, and many other innocent lives.

Is this the way you imagine fighting for human rights? With cold-blooded killings of civilians, violent rape of women, and kidnapping of infants and the elderly?

We would like for you to learn about Dr. Shoshan Haran, Founder and President of "Fair Planet", a nonprofit organization that aims at the success of smallholder farmers in developing countries. We are sure you will find her work and the values of the organization and this amazing woman similar to your own. Shoshana and 7 other members of her family have been missing since that gruesome black Saturday attack. The body of her husband was identified last week. Please, take a moment to look at their pictures below and watch those videos about her.

Does any of this sound like a part of the fight for freedom? Are you seriously standing with the people who held a grandmother with her grandchildren for 17 days?

You should be fighting to have them freed. We are waiting to hear your voice raised demanding their return totheir familes.

Signed by over 100 environmental activists in Israel.