In this episode, we venture into the depths of Shirat Ha'azinu (the Song of Ha'azinu), a poetic masterpiece with profound layers of meaning within each carefully chosen word.

Our focus this week centers on dissecting a single verse from this intricate poem.

Notably, even Rashi, the renowned commentator, offers multifaceted explanations for certain concepts within this verse, such as the word "kanecha" (קנך), which typically means "acquired," but also carries connotations of "nest" and "fixing."

Join us on this intellectual journey as we peel back the many layers and levels of understanding hidden within this single verse.

Our exploration hinges on a meticulous analysis of the Hebrew language employed, unveiling the rich tapestry of meanings woven into the poetic fabric of Shirat Ha'azinu, and of course, we connect this to the holiest day that is upon us - Yom Kippur.