Right-wing rally
Right-wing rallyErik Marmor/Flash90

Dozens of Rabbis signed a letter calling on the public to come and participate in the right-wing rally that will be held this week (Thursday) in front of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

The letter was signed by prominent Rabbis, yeshiva and seminary headmasters, Rabbis of towns and neighborhoods as well as other Rabbis. In their letter, the Rabbis say that the Supreme Court does not have the authority to rule on fundamental laws, therefore the presence of all is important.

The letter signed by the Rabbis reads, "By the grace of God, the people of Israel have chosen a Jewish and national government that works to correct the legal system and restore balance between the authorities in the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the bull has risen against its maker and the court is trying to impose its opinion and cancel a government decision that was determined by a democratic majority and thus prevent the balance of the legal system and the return of power to the people who elect their representatives."

According to the Rabbis: "We must not allow for judges who are not elected to reject a Basic Law enacted by the Knesset in order to keep power and authority in their hands and thus impose their views on the public contrary to any democratic regime."

"In light of the urgency of the matter, we call on the general public who love the state to join the rally in front of the court in preparation for the discussion of the reasonability standard law. Everyone's presence is important! Let us all say it together - the court has no authority to rule on Basic Laws!", the Rabbis' letter reads.

Among the Rabbis who sign, Rabbi Mordechai Greenberg, president of Kerem Yeshiva, former chief rabbi of Kiryat Arba, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi of Samaria, Rabbi Eliakim Lebanon, head of Yeshiva Netivot Yisrael, head of Congregation Orot HaTorah, Rabbi David Chai HaCohen, Rabbi Israel Ariel, head of Yeshiva Or and Yeshua, Rabbi Eliyahu Zini as well as other Rabbis.

The demonstration will be held with the participation of public figures, ministers, MKs and Rabbis, under the leadership of the Tekuma 2023 political action group and with the cooperation of a number of organizations including - I'm Tirzu, Ribbonut, My Israel, Ad Kan, Torat Lehima, Hotam, Kol Yisrael and more.

The chairman of Tekuma 2023, Barla Crombie, says: "The Supreme Court is debating Basic Laws in an undemocratic way, while trying to hijack and pass the new constitutional revolution and create precedents. Instead of curbing judicial activism and taking into account the will of the majority of the people, the Supreme Court even tries to get a Prime Minister who received a majority of the voters' votes removed from office. Our call to the Supreme Court is not to deviate from the judicial activism that it attributes so much to itself. We must not allow , in a democratic country that the Supreme Court rule on Basic Laws, after over the years they explained to us that the entire constitutional revolution of Aharon Barak is based on the Basic Law of human dignity and freedom."

MK Avihai Bovaron (Likud), one of the heads of Tekuma 2023 added: "If 15 Supreme Court judges testify that they are the sovereign, the people will have to have their say. How exactly will they have their say? I don't want to get there. I hope we don't have to reach a point where we sit on the bench and decide how to return the power to the people. I want to hope and believe that the court is smart enough not to say to the people and their representatives: 'You are not the owner of the house here, we live in a democracy that is not a democracy. The 15 judges of the Supreme Court are the sovereign.' The majority of the people decided on a certain law, at the level of a Basic Law. This is a fence that the court itself put in place to preserve the point of balance between the authorities. If the court breaks through this fence, it will uphold our claim that we live in an imbalance between the people and the court, on the question of who is sovereign."