Refael Adana
Refael AdanaCourtesy of the family

The Central District Prosecutor's Office has revealed the information which led to the decision to close the case against the owner of the vehicle suspected of running over and killing four-year-old Refael Adana in May of this year.

The driver is suspected of a hit-and-run accident.

The Prosecutor's Office rejected the claim that the vehicle which killed Adana was taken to an auto repair shop, insisting that it was confiscated by the police and that the damage caused in the accident was also visible on the vehicle. The Office also explained why an indictment for manslaughter has not been filed, noting that the traffic investigators ruled that the accident was not preventable, and that the driver was unable to avoid it.

"The accident did not take place at a crosswalk but on a road which had a traffic island with plants in it, and therefore it was found that the driver acted with the speed permitted under law, about 55 kilometers per hour, and essentially had no responsibility for the accident occurring - only for abandoning the minor," the Prosecutor's Office said.

The notification regarding the case's closure which was sent to Adana's mother relates to the suspect's daughter, under whose name the vehicle is registered, and it was an automatic notification which was sent following the closure of the case in the system.

In the accident, which occurred on Saturday, May 6, during the afternoon hours, the vehicle hit Refael as he crossed Ben Gurion Boulevard in Netanya together with his grandfather.

Adana was critically injured in the accident, and four days later was declared dead in the hospital. The driver of the vehicle, who is suspected of escaping the scene, was arrested the day after the accident and taken for questioning.