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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a statement on Thursday during which he discussed the bill to reduce the reasonableness standard and the criticism of the move.

"Israel will continue to be democratic and liberal and will protect everyone's personal rights. No one is worth more or less, no one is above the law and can block roads and ambulances and endanger people's lives," Netanyahu stated.

He added, "We offered a line of offers to the opposition, but unfortunately, the hand that we stuck out was left in the air. Maybe they are afraid of the extremist factors in the protest movement who say that their goal is to wreak havoc in the country."

Netanyahu emphasized: "Ammeding the reasonableness clause will only strengthen democracy and certainly won't endanger it. What does endanger democracy is the refusal to serve (in the IDF). When factors in the military try to dictate policy, that is invalid, and if they succeed, that would be the end of democracy."

He warned, "Refusal to serve by one side leads the other side to refuse," and emphasized, "It's good that several opposition leaders condemned the refusals, and I expect all opposition members to do so."

According to the Prime Minister, the efforts to reach a consensus are continuous. "Efforts are being made to reach a consensus on the reasonableness standard, I hope that these efforts will succeed, but the coalition's door will always remain open."

For the past few hours, the Prime Minister has been holding a consultation in his office regarding the correct way to continue the reform legislation. The leading ministers participating are Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Minister Ron Dermer.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu met with the head of the National Trade Union, Arnon Ben-David, and the chairman of the Business Sector Presidentory, Dovi Amitai.

He told the two that he "will continue to work towards dialogue and consensus on the matter of the judicial reform."

The head of the National Trade Union called on Netanyahu to halt the legislation: "For the unity of the people of Israel, stop, the nation is in peril. You see the pain from north to south; you are everyone's Prime Minister."