Firefighting truck (archive)
Firefighting truck (archive)Flash 90

On Tuesday night firefighters from the Ayalon fire station were called to extinguish an apartment fire in Kfar Chabad, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The teams arriving at the scene identified a fire blazing on the first floor of the building, spread their equipment, and worked to reach the source of the flames, which was found to be an electrical closet.

The electrical closet, which had caught fire, had also ignited the equipment near it.

Volunteers from the Ayalon fire station in Kfar Chabad, who were first to arrive at the scene, removed the bars on the first-floor windows, evacuating three people who had been trapped inside the apartment.

Medical teams then evacuated the victims for further treatment.

Shortly after the victims were evacuated, firefighters gained control of the flames.