A terrorist armed with a knife was shot and eliminated on Friday morning after infiltrating the Jewish town of Teneh Omarim in the southern Hebron hills.

Upon infiltrating the town, the terrorist attempted to stab civilians near the town's synagogue.

A video clip from the security camera at the town's gate shows the terrorist crawling under the gate while holding a knife in his hand. There does not seem to be a security guard at the gate, and the terrorist can be seen entering the town undisturbed.

Immediately upon receiving initial reports of the incident, the IDF's Home Front Command published a warning of a suspected terrorist infiltration into Teneh Omarim, warning residents to, "Immediately enter a building, lock the doors, and close the windows."

This warning remained in effect for approximately two hours, and at 11:45a.m., the Home Front Command announced that, "the incident has ended."

"An alert was activated Saturday morning after a terrorist infiltrated into Teneh Omarim," an IDF statement confirmed. "The terrorist attempted to stab a civilian and was neutralized. No injuries were reported. IDF soldiers are scanning the area."