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Arabic-language social media accounts today (Tuesday) published footage of a Border Police officer in Al-Ram, south of Ramallah, after Israeli security forces arrested Palestinian Arabs there.

Palestinian users claim the officer had been forgotten by the rest of the force. The Border Police claims they had eye contact with her. The Chief of the National Border Police, Amir Cohen, instructed the Border Police commander of Judea and Samaria to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the incident and present the findings to him.

In a statement from the Border Police, it was stated that as part of the operation, the forces ambushed a number of rioters who were throwing stones and managed to arrest three suspects.

In their reference to the incident with the officer who was allegedly forgotten, it is written that "in the footage circulated on social media, it appears that the officer is alone in the field, but we note that, according to a preliminary investigation, the rest of her force was near her and in eye contact. As is customary in the Border Police, the commander of the corps, Superintendent Amir Cohen, instructed the commander of the Judea and Samaria Border Police to carry out a comprehensive investigation immediately. The findings will be presented to the Superintendent."