Galit Distel Atbaryan
Galit Distel AtbaryanTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

MK Galit Distel Atbaryan of the Likud levelled harsh criticism at former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and called on Israelis to help fund the legal expenses of Likud activist Igal Malka, who is facing a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Bennett.

"There is a millionaire con man sitting in his fortress and financially abusing the people who dared to expose the fact that he took 50 million shekels from the children of Israel just so that his private children would not be forced to move to Jerusalem," said Distel Atbaryan.

"Igal Malka received another lawsuit from the swindler for a million shekels. He is not broke, but he needs you," she added.

In a post on her Twitter account, Distal Atbaryan asked, "Donate and share so that we all get to see the swindler respond in court to the same questions that he is now trying to bury by bullying."

Bennett recently filed a lawsuit for 500,000 shekels against Igal Malka, a well-known Twitter personality, following the spreading of lies about the supposed renovation of the Bennett family home in Ra'anana.

Bennett claims in the lawsuit against Malka that he repeatedly disseminated the claim as if "Bennett stole 50 million shekels of state money into his pocket."

Before the lawsuit was filed, a warning letter was sent to Malka, to which he did not reply. Bennett announced that if he wins the lawsuit, he will donate the money to bereaved families.

Bennett himself said at the time, "I am not fighting for myself, but for everyone who wishes to correct the public discourse in Israel."

The lawsuit against Malka was filed after he refused to comply with Bennett's demand to publish an apology and pay compensation in the amount of 10,000 shekels.

"As you can understand, the despicable swindler sent me a warning before a lawsuit," Malka wrote on his Twitter account. "This is of course an attempt to silence me that, if I submit to it, he will move on to the next in line and the one after him, all in order to get apologies from all of us that will prove that we are part of what he calls a ‘poison machine’. Well, guys, he came to the wrong person. There will be no capitulations here. We're going to court.''