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A woman in Ohio who was searching the woods for her missing dog in August instead discovered the body of a woman reported missing in 2017.

The skeletal remains that was identified on Tuesday as the corpse of Amy Hambrick was discovered in a forest in Youngstown, Ohio, WBKN reported.

The 29-year-old Hambrick disappeared in November 2017, according to police.

Her remains were confirmed through dental records. Investigators have yet to determine her cause of death due to the advanced condition of her corpse, Youngstown Police Chief of Detectives Jason Simon said.

The disappearance and death of Hambrick remains an open case, Simon added.

“Someone knows what happened,” he said.

He said that the bones were in the woods for an extended period of time but investigators are still determining how long they had been there and when exactly Hambrick died.

Hambrick was last seen on November 11, 2017 when she left her home in Youngstown to meet a friend in North Jackson.