Site of this morning's attack in Jerusalem
Site of this morning's attack in JerusalemYonatan Sindel/Flash90

A Jerusalem court has added eight days to the detention of Amir Alsidawi, the terrorist who carried out a shooting attack in Jerusalem early Sunday morning.

Alsiwadi claimed in his interrogation that a "personal crisis" was to blame for the terror attack. The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the police allege that he indeed worked on his own initiative, rather than under the direction of a terror organization.

Kan News has reported that the terrorist does not have a previous terror-related record, bus was convicted in the past for charges of severe violence after participating in a brawl between two families, in which a member of the opposing family was killed. He was sentenced to prison until August 2023 and requested an early release. The police opposed the decision since Alsiwadi was a dangerous prisoner who committed severe crimes and the feud between the families had not yet been resolved, but the parole board accepted the request.

The authorities conducted an hours-long search for the terrorist, who turned himself into the police. He traveled to the police station by taxi, armed with the pistol with which he shot at the bus near the Western Wall hours earlier. While searching the scene of the attack, authorities found the terrorist's car with which he drove to the scene. Using the car's details they quickly found the terrorist's home.

Eight individuals were injured in the attack, two of which are in serious condition: a 38-year-old pregnant woman and a man in his 40s. The woman had an emergency delivery of her baby, and Shaarei Tzedek Hospital reported that she was operated on, has been transferred to intensive care, and her condition is stable.