To mark 17 years since Israel's unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, radio personalities Ben Caspit and Yinon Magal discussed what happened leading up to the government's vote on the issue.

During the discussion, that took place on Israel's 103FM radio, Magal praised former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon saying "Sharon was a leader, one of the greatest leaders of Israel, an outstanding man, an exception to the rule when it comes to quality, something really special." Albeit he added, "it's amazing how such a folly can happen even to the greatest leaders".

Ben Caspit responded that "Sharon was mistaken, he said that the moment we leave Gush Katif, 'for every missile from Gaza, we'll send a mortar', and within two or three days he understood that we can't do that, that a democratic county can't do that"

He added that in his opinion Benjamin Netanyahu could have stopped the disengagement. "It's complex, if Netanyahu would have joined the 'rebels' (those in the Likud party that opposed the plan), with his stature, they would have stopped the disengagement, but he chose to support it.