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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been denounced for doubling down Thursday on a comparison between a Jewish critic and Hitler, in which he claimed the well known political analyst had a “Hitlerian” mindset, Reuters reported.

Lopez Obrador made the original offensive comment on Wednesday, referring to Carlos Alazraki, an advertising executive who was an outspoken critic of the president, using Nazi imagery.

After seeing a video during a government press conference in which Alazraki was talking with opposition politicians who claimed Mexico was allowing in undocumented immigrants from Venezuela, Lopez Obrador remarked: "He is extremely conservative, like Hitlerian.”

In response, the Mexican Jewish community issued a statement denouncing the president’s words.

"Any comparison with the most bloodthirsty regime in history is regrettable and unacceptable."

Other opposition politicians also slammed Lopez Obrador for his language.

"The President's comment against Carlos Alazraki not only violates freedom of expression, but is unworthy and out of all proportion. To call a prominent member of the Jewish community 'Hitlerian' is extremely grotesque and aberrant," opposition politician Santiago Creel said on Twitter.

On Thursday, according to reports, Lopez Obrador spoke about the controversy during a press conference, again referring to Alazraki in a similar manner, stating: “Alazraki is a follower of Hitler's thinking.” He also brought up Goebbels and his use of propaganda to manipulate the German public.

"This is the essence of Alazraki's publicity or propaganda strategy," he said.