Switzerland Flash 90

The war in Ukraine was at the forefront of discussions at meeting by the Swiss Jewish community, including the general assemblies by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG/FCSI) and the Association of Swiss Jewish Refugee Aid/Care (VSJF), which is the body responsible for Jewish social services in Switzerland.

Around 300 Ukrainian Jews now residing in Ukraine after fleeing the conflict.

“Swiss Jews are greatly affected by the war. We are in close contact with Jewish communities in Ukraine, many of us have relatives there. The solidarity among Jews is as great as among the entire Swiss population," SIG President Raphael Lewin told German outlet SRF.

“Everyone is suffering with what is happening now. There is a very large Jewish community there. My father-in-law, for example, was born in Ukraine. It is now a matter of alleviating the suffering of these people and finding an end to this war.”

VSJF president Gabrielle Rosenstein said: “Today, there is great solidarity: from housing to schools, many things are provided for the refugees. In addition, there are special events for the refugees organized by Jewish communities.”

Programs for the refugees include kosher food and a seder organized for a large group of refugees living in Davos.