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A suburban Toronto politician’s re-election campaign signs were defaced with the word “Nazi” and other hateful graffiti, including “horrific and shocking” words.

Toronto police have opened an investigation into the vandalism against incumbent Liberal candidate Mitzie Hunter’s signs in her Scarborough riding, CTV News reported.

At least 15 signs were defaced.

"The message on them was horrific and shocking and is not reflective of our community here in Scarborough Guildwood," Hunter said to the media on Sunday.

"I was taken aback by the extreme language that was used with words like Nazi and fascism. And then I actually, you know, really saw what I felt was disgusting that ]the word]’ blackface' was painted on one of the signs."

Hunter found out about the sign vandalism after a resident told her staff. She saw the damage for herself while driving through the area later on.

"I've been the MPP for nine years. This is my fourth election. And, you know, having a damage done to a sign sometimes happens as people are very passionate about their views, but I have never had my signs defaced in this cowardly and disgusting way," Hunter said.

"You will not stop us," Hunter said when asked what her message is to whoever was behind the vandalism.

"Your cowardly act done over the cover of night is not reflective of the majority of the people who live in Scarborough and we have a diverse and inclusive community. And we will continue to stay together and build our community up," she said.

The vandalism was denounced by Michael Levitt, CEO Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center.

“Once again, hate is rearing its ugly head during an election campaign, as it did last October,” he said. “Sickening to see Mitzie Hunter’s signs vandalized with such vile rhetoric. Important that Toronto Police is investigating.”