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First publication: Three young Israelis who arrived today in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, were not admitted to the country and returned on the next flight to Israel.

When the three arrived at the Ukrainian airport, their passports were taken from them and it was explained to them that they would not be allowed to enter the country. They were told that their passports would only be accepted upon boarding the plane back to Israel.

"We were told that we did not show a reason to come and that they wanted to prevent infiltration into the country. They did not really provide us with a real reason. I understood from someone I know that this is a political issue between Israel and Ukraine and that we are not the first they returned," one of three told Israel National News.

"We were told in an odd manner that if we arrived tomorrow morning, everything would be fine, but at the moment it is not possible to bring us into the country," he said.

This is a phenomenon that has been repeated recently in which Israelis who come to Ukraine are denied entry under various pretexts. Only yesterday, a number of Israelis were forced to return to Israel without entering Ukraine and without being given a justifiable reason.

The Foreign Ministry told Israel National News that it is aware of the case.