Haim Garon
Haim Garonצילום: מתוך פייסבוק

The victims of a deadly plane crash off the coast of a Greek island Monday have been identified as a witness in the Netanyahu trial and his wife.

Two people were onboard the doomed flight of a Cessna 172 light aircraft Monday, including Haim Garon and his wife, Esti Garon, residents of Tel Aviv who were both in their 70s at the time of their deaths.

Haim Garon, a former deputy director-general of Israel’s Communications Ministry was listed as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The plane, which took off from Haifa Monday bound or North Macedonia, crashed in Greek waters near the island of Samos Monday night.

The couple are survived by their three sons and their grandchildren.

The cause of the crash remains unclear, though a technical malfunction in the plane is suspected.

“Haim made an old dream come true and got his pilot’s license,” a relative said. “He was always flying and racked up a lot of hours in the air. He was so happy, it is so sad that they went this way, in a single blow.”