Moshe Feiglin
Moshe FeiglinFlash 90

Former Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin today commented on reports that that the Health Ministry is expected to recommend a mandatory vaccine law to deal with vaccine refusers.

Feiglin has joined a number of Israel scientists and physicians who call to introduce a "herd immunity" policy in Israel while protecting the elderly and at-risk populations, and who are skeptical about the much-publicized COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier this month Feiglin promised a follow-up to a Facebook post where he clarified that he considered government COVID-19 policy "a worse failure than that of the Yom Kippur War," saying "the problem is that the coronavirus cabinet and decision-makers are physically blocking any other opinion."

In that post, Feiglin wrote "You'll have to kill me before you stick a syringe in me with this vaccine."

Today, Feiglin posted: "The slippery slope to bondage!

"After the biometric passport,
And after the GSS surveillance,
And denying freedom of movement,
And freedom of labor,
And the freedom to educate children,
And freedom of recreation,
And even the freedom to marry like human beings,
Or the freedom to die with dignity ...

"After all this, comes this monstrous law - forced vaccinations !!!

"Now look - I do not oppose vaccines; there are definitely vaccines I have taken and more I will take.

"But I oppose forced vaccinations!!!

"The fastest development of any vaccine to date, took 4 years!

"You'll have to kill me, before you push me something you've developed under political pressure in less than a year.

"This means complete destruction of human rights and individual liberty!

"As usual, you'll be told that this is in the public interest and that the risk is minimal.

"When I donated a kidney, about a month ago, they explained to me that the risk of dying in surgery is 0.033%.

"I decided to donate, because on the other hand there was a father, a husband, a son - with a 100% chance of dying, if I did not donate.

"The chance of complications from vaccines is much greater than 0.033% and death without them, is not at all 100% certain.

"So if a forced vaccination is required, why not enact a coercive kidney donation law as well?

"You know, after all, the public good ...

"Sounds crazy?

"This is exactly how the slippery slope to bondage works.

"In China, by the way, organs are already being forcibly harvested.

"In China it works great...," Feiglin concluded, urging readers to share the post.