Itzik Shmuli helps pack the food
Itzik Shmuli helps pack the food Mendy Hechtman

Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Minister Itzik Shmuli packed food baskets for needy families at the Chabad Kollel in Jerusalem.

"Just before the eve of the holiday, I stopped everything and came to pack food for needy families," the minister wrote.

Minister Shmuli is very connected to low-income families and during the visit mentioned his connection to the Ministry of Welfare's food security project, in collaboration with the Chabad Kollel, which helps tens of thousands of families, from the haredi and the general public throughout the country.

"The first decision I made after taking office was to increase the budget for the food security project, which is the responsibility of my ministry, and together we are working hard so that the shameful images of Israelis with empty plates on the eve of the holiday will not be repeated," he said.

Minister Shmuli, who was received by a team of Chabadniks at the factory, said that "the number of requests for food aid during the holiday has skyrocketed this year to an extent we have not known before and our goal is clear - that no Israeli will be left behind at this time. Many who have donated each year have become needy themselves and have no way to put together the holiday meal. In the meantime, I am happy that I was able to triple the amount of aid to food aid organizations."

At the end of the visit, the Minister of Welfare thanked the Eshel Jerusalem organization, the welfare arm of Kollel Chabad. "You are our full partners in the journey and your work is essential to the state," said Shmuli.